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I am based in South Derbyshire, near Burton on Trent, in easy reach of all of the Midlands, Cheshire and South Yorkshire. Also, much can be done by phone or other technology and I am happy to travel further as required. I am happy to do one-off projects, to help an existing HR team with high volume or with specialist knowledge, or I can become your long-term HR partner, whichever suits you and your business.


  • HR compliance audits

    I will review your current procedures and documentation, then let you have a report or presentation on what you need to do (if anything) to be compliant with employment law. I will make it clear what is essential and what is ‘nice to have’.

  • Contracts and/or Employee handbooks

    I will review and/or write contracts and employee handbooks that will protect your business.

  • Policies & Procedures.

    I will review and/or write policies and procedures in plain English, keeping them simple whilst making sure they are sufficient to protect your business.

  • HR systems breatheHR

    I am experienced with a number of systems, including Cascade, breathe, SAP HR and Trent HR, including implementing new systems. I can show you a value for money system that will help you organise your people records and processes.

  • HR management information/ metrics

    I am very experienced with HR KPI’s and also with producing various HR analytics and dashboards. I can help you decide on the best analytics for your business and also produce them for you.

Improving Performance

  • HR performance audits

    I will review your processes and practices and advise on how they can be improved, helping you to prioritise the improvements that will most benefit your business.

  • Performance management & capability

    I have many years’ experience of improving performance management and managing capability issues, including dismissal, and settlement agreements.

  • Absence management

    I have many years’ experience of improving attendance and improving absence management, including attendance schemes, absence policies & procedures, managing occupational health, wellness schemes, capability dismissals and settlement agreements.

  • Employee engagement

    I have worked with businesses on improving the engagement of their employees. This has involved a whole range of initiatives including improving 2-way communication, introducing suggestion schemes or improvement groups, introducing wellness schemes. I have also run employee engagement surveys.

  • Employee surveys

    I have implemented employee surveys in different businesses in order to understand employee engagement score trends and also to understand the impact of specific initiatives.

  • Reward & recognition

    I have helped businesses to introduce reward & recognition schemes that are low cost to them but help with incentivising and motivating employees.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    I have worked with different organisations on improving diversity and inclusion to build more effective teams.

  • Information & Consultation

    I have advised companies on information and consultation requirements and I can help you to give your employees a voice if they feel they don’t have one.

  • Unions

    I can help you to develop good communication and consultation structures, enabling you to work well with your Unions.

Change Management

  • Changing terms & conditions

    I am very experienced with changing employees’ terms & conditions and I can advise you on consultation and information requirements.

  • Restructuring & Redundancies

    I have led many redundancy programmes in a number of companies, including many with collective consultation. I am experienced with redundancy pooling and selection criteria, consultation, redundancy pay and outplacement.

  • TUPE and acquisitions

    I have been involved with a very large number of TUPE transfers and I have both the legal and the practical knowledge and skills that you require.

  • Closing sites

    I have worked on a number of site closures and I can advise on redundancies, TUPE out, or moving employees to other sites.

Remuneration & Career Progression

  • Pay, bonus & benefits

    I can benchmark your salaries, simplify pay structures and advise on bonus schemes.

  • Job structures and career progression

    I have considerable experience of introducing career progression structures and of simplifying job & pay structures, both in unionised and non-unionised businesses.

  • Organisation design

    I have had formal training in organisation design and I have helped businesses to restructure for improved efficiency.

  • Talent & succession planning

    I have many years’ experience of mapping talent and identifying high performing and high potential employees. I have successfully implemented succession planning in a number of businesses.

Learning & Development

  • Apprenticeships

    I can help you make the best use of the apprenticeship levy (if applicable).

  • Training

    I am experienced in training needs analysis and finding the right training providers.

  • Management Development

    I have considerable experience of coaching or training line managers in people management. I have also worked with universities to provide accredited learning for managers.

  • Mentor Schemes

    I have worked with organisations to provide mentoring for apprentices or for high potential employees or for members of minority groups.


  • Discipline & Grievance

    I have many years’ experience of case management, including discipline & grievance cases and employment tribunals. Having started my career as an engineer, I have a very logical approach and am good at complex investigations, where I have supported managers and also completed them myself.

  • Mediation and Conflict Management

    I am a qualified and experienced workplace mediator and I am also experienced at advising managers on how to defuse conflict between employees or teams.

  • Avoiding/ Managing industrial action

    I have helped organisations to avoid industrial action when the unions are balloting and I have also advised companies whose employees are going on strike. I am knowledgeable about the relevant laws and also able to give practical advice on preparing managers and other employees for the potential action.

  • Employment Tribunals

    As well as sitting on tribunal panels, I am also experienced at preparing tribunal cases, including witness statements and I have been a witness and an advocate at tribunals.